Custom Manufacture

TOFWERK’s orthogonal-extraction time-of-flight mass spectrometers (TOFs) can be used for the measurement of ions generated by a broad range of ion sources. Our modular design platform enables rapid manufacturing of custom instrumentation for research laboratories and OEM customers. Read more.

End-User Instruments

As TOFWERK expands in size and technology, we are proud to open up new areas of application with these exciting mass spectrometry devices. Our present range includes the IMS-TOF, icpTOF and EI-TOF for GC instruments.

Featured Application: Isomeric Lipids

Due to the distinct biochemical properties of different isomers, the characterization of isomers is currently one of the hottest topics in lipidomic research. In these presentations and application notes, we demonstrate that our ion mobility TOF mass spectrometer (IMS-TOF) can uniquely separate different types of isomers across all lipid classes.