Custom Manufacture

TOFWERK’s orthogonal-extraction time-of-flight mass spectrometers (TOFs) can be used for the measurement of ions generated by a broad range of ion sources. Our modular design platform enables rapid manufacturing of custom instrumentation for research laboratories and OEM customers. Read more.

End-User Instruments

As TOFWERK expands in size and technology, we are proud to open up new areas of application with these exciting mass spectrometry devices. Our present range includes the icpTOF, ciTOF PTR, IMS-TOF, and EI-TOF for GC.


Announcing the icpTOF 2R

With mass resolving power >6000 and the same sensitivity as the icpTOF, the newly released icpTOF 2R is the choice for applications that demand separation of difficult isobaric interferences. Read more.

Recently Highlighted Applications

3D Compositional Profiling with the icpTOF: Analytical Chemistry Publication

In a recent publication in Analytical Chemistry and a poster presented at EWCPS 2017, researchers [...]

LA icpTOF – A Reliable Tool for Rapid Elemental Imaging of Carbonates: Poster EWCPS 2017

This collaborative work combined the icpTOF with the Analyte G2 Excimer Laser Ablation System with Aerosol Rapid Introduction [...]

Quantifying the Multi-Element Composition of Single Steel Nanoparticles with the icpTOF: Application Note

Simultaneous measurement of all isotopes enables quantitative determination of the multi-elemental composition of complex single [...]

High-Speed Elemental Imaging of Cisplatin-Perfused Tissue with Laser Ablation-icpTOF: Application Note

The combination of the icpTOF and fast laser ablation systems performs all-element imaging at much [...]

Fast Multi-Element LA-icpTOF Mapping of Gold Grains: Application Note

The combination of the icpTOF and fast laser ablation systems enables rapid mapping of all [...]

Characterizing the Performance of the icpTOF for Continuous Solutions and Single Microdroplets

This recent publication from Lindsey Hendriks, Alexander Gundlach-Graham Bodo Hattendorf and Detlef Günther of ETH Zurich [...]