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The power of TOF, with a footprint no larger than a shoe box! 
This 15-kg mass analyzer is an ideal detector for field-portable instrumentation.
  Use it for on-site, real-time monitoring of trace chemistry.

The world's fastest TOF analyzer!
The combination of the short ion flight path and Tofwerk's optimized software routines enables acquisition and storage of up to 100'000 mass spectra per second with broad dynamic range. 

The CTOF is the perfect detector for monitoring dynamic processes or fast separations.


Mass Resolving Power
M/dM = 800 Th/Th
Mass Range
1 to 4'000 Th
Mass Accuracy
<0.1 mTh/Th  (=<100 ppm)
Extraction Rate
up to 100 kHz
Spectral Acquisition Rate
up to 100 kHz
Mass of Analyzer
9 kg
Mass of Power Supply
15 kg
Mass of Turbo Pump
3.5 kg (250 L/s)
2 kg (77 L/s)


  • Replacement of existing quadrupole mass spectrometers
  • Monitoring of very fast processes
  • Transportable instruments
  • Imaging SIMS
  • And many, many more