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Experts in Mass Spectrometry

Creative, ambitious scientists and engineers setting new standards for mass spectrometry performance, enabling new analytical capabilities, and supporting innovative research around the globe.

Founded in Switzerland in 2002, TOFWERK designs and manufacturers high performance analytical instrumentation based on our time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) technology. Our line of research mass spectrometers brings the speed and sensitivity of TOFMS to a broad range of laboratory and field applications. Additionally, our team collaborates with research laboratories and OEM customers to develop custom instrument solutions based on our modular design platform.

As a customer of TOFWERK, you will benefit from our team’s extensive experience in instrument design, analytical measurements, and collaborative research.

  • Mass spectrometer design
  • Ion physics and numerical modeling
  • Electronics: Design and assembly
  • Mechanical: Design, assembly, and instrument integration

  • Software: Programming and user interface design
  • Instrument characterization and optimization
  • Analytical chemistry: Method development and data analysis
  • OEM and end-user support


Your Research Goals
Are Unique

In contrast to the other manufacturers who put a tight lid on their instruments, flexibility and customizability are core features of all TOFWERK products.

Your Requirements
Are Demanding

Our mass spectrometers are built to measure your most difficult samples under the most challenging conditions, with the performance you need.

You Deserve an
Effective Collaborator

We partner with research experts in industry, government, and academia to develop and support successful solutions.