Application Scientist, Vocus PTR-TOF

TOFWERK is seeking an Analytical Chemist to serve as a scientific representative of our Vocus PTR-TOF in China.    

As an applications expert, he/she will manage TOFWERK’s Chinese application lab, lead product demonstrations; communicate the capabilities of TOFWERK technology to prospective customers;  develop relevant collaborations; represent TOFWERK at international scientific meetings; support the Marketing Department in the production of technical promotional material; and formally present data in conference presentations, research reports, application notes, and peer-reviewed publications.

The scientist will be active in relevant Chinese scientific communities in order to stay updated on trends and areas of need and to engage potential customers and collaborators. He/she will work with other members of the Applications Department to ensure that all analyses at TOFWERK China utilize the best available methods and technology. Based on his/her knowledge of the field and use of TOFWERK technology, the application scientist will provide suggestions and feedback to the Software and R&D Departments regarding potential short- and long-term product improvements and developments.   The scientist will work report to management in both Switzerland and China.


  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry or related field
  • 4+ years of experience using mass spectrometry for applied research or sample analysis, including method development
  • Ability to work independently in the laboratory, including: experiment design, sample preparation, operation of scientific equipment, and data interpretation
  • Strong background in data analysis, including statistics and spectral interpretation
  • Interest in interacting with customers and prospective customers
  • Confident and effective communicator
  • Willingness to travel up to 30% per year for scientific conferences and customer site visits at Chinese and other Asian locations
  • Fluency in Chinese and English

Desirable Experience and Expertise

  • Use of any of the following: PTR-MS, chemical ionization MS, TOFMS, real-time trace gas analyzers
  • Expertise in any of the following fields: biogenic VOCs, forensics, fragrances, flavors, breath analysis, atmospheric science
  • Experience running and characterizing prototype scientific equipment
  • Familiarity with any of the following: high vacuum systems, ion optics, ion-molecule reaction chemistry
  • Competence in laboratory electronics and use of diagnostic equipment

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