AMC Monitoring

Real-Time AMC Monitoring for Semiconductor Manufacturing


Real-Time Airborne Molecule Contamination (AMC) Monitoring

The concentration of indoor airborne molecule contaminants is negatively correlated with wafer yield in the semiconductor industry. Continuous processing of wafers in high-throughput FAB facilities demand prompt feedback to the control room so measures can be taken to minimize losses due to AMCs. Because of this possible contamination, leading semiconductor manufacturers perform real-time AMC monitoring to ensure product quality.

AMCs originate from process chemicals, refrigerants, cleaning solvents, construction materials, and personnel, suggesting a wide variety of possible contaminants. With stringent control measures in FAB facilities the list of species of critical concern has been narrowed and includes, for instance, IPA, acetone, MEK, PGME, PGMEA, Benzene, Toluene, CNF, and COF.   Accurate measurements of these compounds call for a full spectrum technique with high sensitivity, fast response, and multiple ion chemistries.

With a proven record of fast VOC measurements in multiple industrial fields, the Vocus CI-TOF is the ideal solution for real-time AMC monitoring. Standard Vocus CI-TOF designs, coupled with a multi-port sampler, can cover a large area or most designated spots in the FAB with one stationary instrument.  The unprecedented mobility provided by the compact Vocus Elf CI-TOF assures proximity measurements around target locations of interest. The combination of stationary and mobile measurement provides detailed mapping of AMCs inside the FAB, providing important and direct input to reach a ‘VOC-free’ wafer fabrication environment.


  • Real-Time AMC Monitoring Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • Real-time online measurements of AMCs inside FAB
    • pptV limits of detection in seconds
    • High mass resolving power allows for accurate identification
    • Automated, fast switching between reagent ions enables precise quantification of various AMCs
    • Fully autonomous software capable of auto-calibration, zero air measurement and data reporting

    AMC clean room monitoring

    Example time series of ambient xylene concentrations recorded with the Vocus 2R PTR at 2 Hz. The inset demonstrates the precision and fast response during a period when concentrations were between 150 and 350 pptv.

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