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AMC Monitoring

Real-Time AMC Monitoring Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing


Comprehensive, Real-Time AMC Monitoring for Contamination-Free Manufacturing

The presence of airborne molecular contaminants in semiconductor fabrication plants (fabs) is a significant contributor to wafer yield loss. The continuous processing and transport of wafers (via front opening unification pods or FOUPs) in high-throughput fab facilities demands prompt feedback so that measures can be taken to minimize losses due to molecular contamination.

Contaminants originate from a wide variety of sources, including process chemicals, refrigerants, cleaning solvents, construction materials, and personnel. With the advancement of control measures in fab facilities, the need for highly sensitive technologies that can simultaneously monitor acids and bases – compounds which are often sticky and prone to reaction – has grown, in addition to traditional condensables and volatiles like acetone, MEK, PGME, PGMEA, CNF, COF, etc. To effectively measure these compounds, real-time, full-spectrum analysis with sub-ppt limits of detection is required.

TOFWERK Semicon AMC Solutions provide robust monitoring and comprehensive AMC coverage in semiconductor facilities. Unprecedented mobility enables proximity measurements of acids (corrosives), bases, condensables, and VOCs. Customizable sampling configurations allow for easy integration into FOUP QC and facility monitoring systems. The flexibility and performance of Semicon AMC Solutions enable fab facilities to reach and maintain a contamination-free fab.



  • Semicon AMC Solutions for Simultaneous, Real-Time AMC Monitoring for Acids (Corrosives), Bases, and Condensables

    Semicoon AMC Monitors provide sensitive and simultaneous measurements for each molecular category – acids (Corrosives), bases, condensables and VOCs – instantaneously, in real time, without any sample preparation or handling.

    • Ultra-fast measurements (milliseconds)
    • Dynamic process monitoring or high-throughput screening
    • Simultaneous detection of critical AMC classes
    • pptV limits of detection
    • Robust and reliable detection


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    Detecting Micro Contamination in FOUPs: Using proprietary Fast Polarity Switching (FPS), each AMC class is simultaneously measured and reported.

    ClearFab AMC Solutions for monitoring acids, bases, and condensables
    (Top panel) Toluene and PGMEA are contaminants are introduced and purged away using nitrogen. Trace acetic acid is then introduced and purged. Finally, two small pulses of Ammonia DMA and TMA are removed at a much faster rate because the reaction between the bases and the trace nitric acid result in particle formation. (Bottom panel) Fast Polarity Switching measurements are observed. FPS allows each compound class to be measured in real time, ensuring that transient signals are not missed.


  • Semicon AMC Solutions for Robust VOC Monitoring

    Sensitive, mobile measurements for a large variety of VOCs.

    • Ideal for dynamic processes or high-throughput screening
    • Highly sensitive quantification
    • pptV limits of detection
    • Accurate and reliable identification
    • Mobile analysis or multi-port facility monitoring without sample preparation


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    Observing Potential fab Contamination Hazards
    Semicon AMC monitors sample ambient air in fabs to monitor AMC presence. Typical monitoring is accomplished with PTR mass spectrometry, however, for other critical VOCs, reagent ion switching can be used to expand compound coverage. The example below demonstrates reagent ion switching at minute intervals.

    ClearFab VOC measurements

    Reagent ions cycled in second intervals. Gray represents NH4⁺ and yellow represents O2⁺.

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