AMC Monitoring

Real-Time AMC Monitoring for Semiconductor Fabrication Processes and Facilities


Real-Time Airborne Molecule Contamination (AMC) Monitoring

The presence of airborne molecular contaminants in semiconductor fabrication plants (fab) and the equipment therein negatively correlates with wafer yield for semiconductor manufacturers. The continuous processing and transport of wafers (via front opening unification pods or FOUPs) in high-throughput fab facilities demands prompt feedback so that measures can be taken to minimize losses due to molecular contamination.  

 AMCs originate from a wide variety of sources, including process chemicals, refrigerants, cleaning solvents, construction materials, and personnel. With the advancement of control measures in fab facilities, interest in highly sensitive monitoring technologies for acids and bases – compounds which are often sticky and prone to reaction – has grown, in addition to traditional condensables and volatiles like acetone, MEK, PGME, PGMEA, CNF, COF, etc. To effectively measure these compounds requires real-time, full-spectrum analysis with sub-ppt sensitivity, inclusive of multiple ion chemistries. 

 The Vocus CI-TOF is the ideal solution for comprehensive AMC monitoring.  The unprecedented mobility provided by the compact Vocus Elf CI-TOF enables proximity measurements of solvents and condensables around targeted locations, and customizable sampling configurations allow for easy integration into FOUP – AMC monitoring systems. For greater resolution and improved detection of molecular acids and bases, the Vocus Scout and 2R provide ultra-sensitive AMC measurements. When coupled with a multi-port sampler, one Vocus CI-TOF can cover a large area or designated regions in the fab. The combination of FOUP, mobile, and multi-port monitoring provides manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for the detection of AMCs inside the fab, enabling the critical input needed to reach and maintain a ‘VOC-free’ wafer fabrication environment. 


  • Real-Time AMC Monitoring Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • Real-time online measurements at pptV limits of detection
    • High mass resolving power for accurate identification 
    • Automated switching between reagent ions for quantification of various AMCs including molecular acids, bases, and condensables 
    • Compact design with flexible inlet configuration for FOUP, mobile, and stationary (multi-port) AMC measurements 

    AMC Monitoring Application Sheet


    amc monitoring

    Comparison of Vocus CI-TOF and other technologies. 

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