Sensitive, Online Analysis of Flavor and Aroma Compounds

The characteristic aroma and flavor of many of our most beloved drinks – such as beer, whisky and coffee – have strong dependence on the relative concentrations of constituent compounds. These beverages contain a rich array of molecules, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and isomeric mixtures. Subtle changes in composition can significantly affect the palatability of a beverage.

Currently, analysis of flavor and aroma compounds is commonly carried out by GC-MS. Even though GC-MS techniques can exhibit high separation power, they lack speed due to sometimes cumbersome sample separation and analysis times of usually more than 30 minutes. TOFWERK offers multiple online solutions to complement or replace traditional GC-MS methods.

The IMS-TOF exhibits comparable separation power for isomers, but only a fraction of the analysis time is needed. Our Vocus PTR-TOF can be used for real-time analysis of aroma VOCs in the product headspace, during the production process, or even at the point of consumption. The high sensitivity can detect sub-ppt concentrations in seconds, and its high resolving power reduces the need for GC separation upstream of the MS analysis. Similarily, the API-TOF can be configured with a multitude of other chemical ionization sources to enable selective, sensitive analysis of compounds that may not be detected with PTR-MS.