Breath Analysis for Disease Diagnosis

Robust real-time analysis of metabolites found in breath with sub-pptV sensitivity – for the most demanding research pursuits


Analysis of Exhaled Breath for Disease Diagnosis

In addition to water vapor, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, breath is comprised of a variety of organic molecules that are often present at mixing ratio of parts-per-trillion. These endogenously produced organic compounds, known as metabolites, circulate in the body’s bloodstream and reflect metabolic and biochemical processes. Using mass-spectrometry, breath metabolites are used as biomarkers to create breath fingerprints for the identification of various respiratory and infectious diseases.

Due to high-relative humidity, chemical complexity, and fast, dynamic changes occurring during exhalation, breath is notoriously challenging to sample and analyze. Humidity independent quantification that is fast, sensitive, and robust is a requirement for conducting disease detection via breath analysis.


  • Real-time, Ultra-sensitive Quantification of Biomarkers Found in Breath with the Vocus CI-TOF and Vocus Breathe

    • Rapid single digit sub-ppt detection of metabolites found in breath
    • Vocus Breathe software provides intuitive, easy-to-use operation
    • Customized breath inlet for non-invasive sample collection, featuring a disposable mouthpiece, check valve, and zero-air flush for reduced contamination risk

    Breath Analysis for Disease Diagnosis




    Vocus Breathe Screenshot

    Screenshot from Vocus Breathe demonstrating selectivity for defined compounds with real-time analysis.

  • Diagnostic and Disease Research Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • High-mass resolving power for identification and quantification of breath metabolites in real-time with extreme sensitivity
    • Sub parts-per-trillion limit of detection
    • Humidity independent measurement
    • Optional automated reagent ion switching for expanded range of detectable compounds providing higher chemical specificity and reduced fragmentation

    Breath analysis for disease diagnostics

    This figure demonstrates the real-time measurement of four successive exhalations sampled directly via the breath inlet to the Vocus CI-TOF analyzer. The compounds depicted are displayed directly in parts-per-billion concentrations per volume and represent some of the most abundant VOCs found in human breath. This figure illustrates the fast, reproducible, and humidity independent response of the Vocus CI-TOF for only 4 molecules, whereas hundreds of other VOCs are quantitatively measured for every exhalation.

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