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Cannabis Analysis

Fast, Sensitive Detection of VOCs for Cannabis Product Quality


Cannabis Analysis for Plant Health and Consistent Flavor

Cannabis and hemp are rich sources of terpenes and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemical compounds are emitted by live plants, and are an important indicator of plant health, growth stage, and production consistency. In the finished product, these naturally occurring (biogenic) VOCs contribute to the unique flavor and aroma profile of different cannabis strains and products. Unwanted VOCs may also make their way into the final product, including residual solvents from extraction processes, and metabolites emitted by microbes and fungi.

Fast, sensitive detection of a wide range of VOCs provides a detailed, scientifically robust method of characterizing and monitoring plant growth and cannabis product quality. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF) is a highly suitable analytical method that allows simultaneous monitoring of large numbers of VOCs.


  • Direct Headspace Analysis Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • Highest sensitivity available with ppt limits of detection
    • High mass resolving power enables identification of individual compounds within complex mixtures
    • Real-time and fast data output capturing rapid changes in VOC concentrations and suitable for production-line monitoring
    • Full spectrum acquisition allows measurements of wide range of compounds simultaneously


    Cannabis analysis

    Hundreds of VOCs are observable within seconds during the direct headspace analysis of hemp and marijuana using Vocus CI-TOF with PTR.

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