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Emerging Contaminants

Online Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in the Atmosphere 


Emerging Contaminants in the Atmosphere

Emerging contaminants (EC) are synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals that are not commonly monitored in the environment, but which could adversely affect ecological and human health. In the atmosphere, emerging contaminants of high concern include perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), disinfectants (ethylene oxide), volatile chemical products (VCPs), plasticizers (such as phthalates), flame retardants, and dioxins. Current analytical methodologies used to identify and quantify trace levels of these ECs in environmental air often require time-consuming sample collection and preparation, as well as multiple steps for separation and detection.

The TOFWERK real-time VOC analyzer –  Vocus CI-TOF offers a turnkey solution for online VOCs and emerging contaminants analysis, without any sample preparation or GC separation, leading to a real-time and fast data output. A wide range of reagent ions is available to increase detectable chemical scope and specificity.  The Vocus CI-TOF is the most sensitive available mass spectrometer for online VOC analysis – able to detect ppt-level components in seconds.


  • Real-Time and Sensitive Analysis of Emerging Contaminants Using
    the Vocus CI-TOF

    • Highest sensitivity available with ppt limits of detection
    • High mass resolving power enables identification of individual compounds within complex mixtures
    • Real-time and fast data output capturing rapid changes in VOC concentrations and suitable for mobile monitoring
    • Full spectrum acquisition allows measurements of wide range of compounds simultaneously
    • A wide range of reagent ions available to increase detectable chemical scope and specificity

    Ethylene Oxide measured with the Vocus CI-TOF

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