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Plant Tissue Analysis

Multi-Elemental Imaging Plant Tissue Analysis


Multi-Elemental Imaging Plant Tissue Analysis

In biological studies it is often important to detect and quantify certain trace elements and to visualize their distribution within the tissue. Two hot topics in the study of plants are the transport pathways and behavior of key nutrients. The combination of inductively-coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry and fast-washout laser ablation systems allows for multi-element imaging at high speed and spatial resolution and thus makes the  icpTOF  a promising tool in the investigation of plants. 



  • Multi-Element Imaging of Plant Tissues Using  the icpTOF

    • All the elements. All the time. The icpTOF always records complete mass spectra, so you never miss an analyte or interference signal. 
    • High mass resolution. The icpTOF 2R has a mass resolving power of 6000 allowing you to separate interfering ions. 
    • Precise isotope ratios. The icpTOF simultaneously measures all isotopes, thus eliminating the susceptibility of your measurements to source and sample fluctuations.  Precision approaches statistical limits. 
    • High speed detection. The icpTOF records a complete mass spectrum every 12-50 µs making it the optimum detector for fast transient signals such as individual nanoparticles, fluid inclusions and laser ablation pixels. 
    • Maximum sensitivity.  The icpTOF S2 has maximum sensitivity to increase image resolution. 
    • Dedicated laser-ablation workflow in TOFpilot displaying a live preview of the laser ablation image during acquisition. 

    What is Laser Ablation ICP-MS Imaging?

    Multi-elemental intensity images for a root cross-section of wild barley recorded by LAICP-TOFMS

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