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Single Particle Analysis in Plant Tissue

Multi-Element Characterization of Single-Particles in Plant Tissue


Single Particle Characterization in Plant Tissue

Engineered nanoparticles are increasingly used in biotechnology and agriculture. For example, nano-enabled agrichemicals that utilize metal nanoparticles make for efficient fertilizers and pesticides. However, such agrichemicals also have the potential to release nanoparticles into the environment and onto crops for human consumption. Therefore, a clear understanding of the fate of nanoparticles in plants is essential for risk assessment and regulation of nano-enabled agrichemicals.  Single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (SP-ICP-MS) enables the elemental analysis of individual particles with very low concentration detection limits, making it an attractive method for monitoring and assessing the risk of engineered nanoparticles in plant tissue.


  • Multi-Element Characterization of Single Particles Released From Plant Tissue Using  the icpTOF 

    • All the elements. All the time. The icpTOF always records complete mass spectra, so you never miss an analyte or interference signal.  
    • High mass resolution. The icpTOF 2R has a mass resolving power of 6000 allowing you to separate interfering ions.  
    • Precise isotope ratios. The icpTOF simultaneously measures all isotopes, thus eliminating the susceptibility of your measurements to source and sample fluctuations.  Precision approaches statistical limits. 
    • High speed detection. The icpTOF records a complete mass spectrum every 12-50 µs making it the optimum detector for fast transient signals such as individual nanoparticles, fluid inclusions and laser ablation pixels. 

    single particle analysis in plant tissue

    Time resolved signal data for 63Cu, 64Zn, and 197Au particles acquired with the icpTOF from plant tissue. Data images provided by Laughton, S. (Methanol-based extraction protocol for insoluble and moderately water-soluble nanoparticles in plants to enable characterization by single particle ICP-MS. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2020)

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