Thin Films Analysis

Thin Films Analysis with High Spatial and Depth Resolution


Thin Films

Thin films are part of our daily life and are used in a wide variety of applications, such as special glass coatings for light emitting devices and optical mirrors, electronic devices in computers, memory storage devices, and solar cells. Thin films are a layered material manufactured at the nanometer to micron scale. While several methods exist to prepare these thin films (i.e molecular beam epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition, pulsed-laser deposition and atomic layer deposition), none guarantees a perfect stoichiometry transfer from the target material to the synthesized thin film. Because the material’s properties will depend on their elemental composition, and will be affected by contamination, analytical methods for stochiometric analysis of thin films is of great interest for material science.

Femtosecond laser ablation inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometry (fs-LA-ICP-TOFMS) can be used for the determination of the stoichiometry of thin films with high spatial and depth resolution. This analytical technique combines the advantages of femtosecond lasers for precise removal of material with the fast and multi-element detection capabilities of ICP-TOFMS, yielding chemical information across a surface or for depth profiling through layers.


  • High Resolution Depth Profiling by fs-LA Using the icpTOF

    • All the elements. All the time. The icpTOF always records complete mass spectra, so you never miss an analyte or interference signal.
    • High mass resolution. The icpTOF 2R has a mass resolving power of 6000 allowing you to separate interfering ions.
    • Precise isotope ratios. The icpTOF simultaneously measures all isotopes, thus eliminating the susceptibility of your measurements to source and sample fluctuations. Precision approaches statistical limits.
    • High speed detection. The icpTOF records a complete mass spectrum every 12-50 µs making it the optimum detector for fast transient signals such laser ablation pulses.
    • Compatibility with major laser companies
    • Dedicated workflow for laser ablation

    What is Laser Ablation ICP-MS Imaging?

    thin films analysis

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