VOCs in Human Breath

Fast, Sensitive Analysis of Human Breath Emissions of VOCs


VOCs in Human Breath

Breath analysis is a growing field in medical research and drug testing. Human breath contains hundreds of VOCs, many at trace concentration levels. Characterization of compounds in human breath can be used for non-invasive diagnosis of diseases, assessment of physiological functions, therapy control, and pharmacokinetic studies.  Analysis demands ultra-low detection limits, broad dynamic range, and fast time response. With unmatched sensitivity and mass resolving power, the Vocus CI-TOF is a cutting-edge solution for online analysis of VOCs in breath.


  • Real-Time Detection of VOCs in Breath Using the Vocus CI-TOF

    • High mass resolving power enabling accurate identification and quantification in breath
    • Highest sensitivity available with sub-ppt LOD and independent of humidity
    • Fast time response allows real-time VOC quantification during air inhalation and exhalation.
    • Optional automated reagent ion switching between an expanded suite of reagent ions for expanding chemical scope and specificity

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    Vocs in human breath
    Real-time monitoring of VOCs in human breath throughout the consumption of a RicolaTM herb cough drop. Human breath was directly sampled into the inlet of a Vocus 2R PTR before and after ingestion of the cough drop. Concentrations of the monitored species spanned more than 6 orders of magnitude during the experiment (ppt to ppm).

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