industrial Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring at an Industrial Facility

A Vocus CI-TOF was placed in an industrial facility for 2 weeks to monitor the time evolution of the indoor air species present in a working environment. The high resolving power of the TOF mass spectrometer together with various soft ionization modes provided accurate identification of targeted species, and the portability of the instrument allowed for measurements in various indoor areas within a short period of time. Read More »

VOC Emissions Fingerprinting

Point Source Detection and VOC Emissions Fingerprinting in Chinese Megacities

The Vocus PTR-TOF is a robust, low-power, mobile instrument that measures VOCs in air in real time, addressing environmental and industrial problems not accessible by traditional mass spectrometry. In this application note, patterns of VOC emissions from a Vocus PTR-TOF S mobile laboratory are shown around a Chinese megacity, including near a petrochemical facility. Read More »