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Sensitive Detection and Forensic Analysis of Drugs and Explosives Using Online NH4+ and H3O+ Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Law enforcement agencies require tools to quickly and safely identify explosives, drugs, and other controlled substances. Chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CI-MS) is a sensitive, real-time gas-phase analysis technique that is well-equipped to detect organic gas-phase molecules with a range of chemical properties and vapor pressures at trace levels (parts-per-trillion to parts-per-billion by volume). Illicit substances, including drugs and explosives, frequently emit many additional volatile compounds that can be used as a forensic fingerprint. In this presentation we explore forensic analysis of confiscated cocaine and methamphetamine, and homemade explosives using KClO3.


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This talk was originally presented by Vocus Application Scientist, Abigail Koss at the Scientific Workshops International Seminar Series in June, 2021.

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