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Join the ecTOF Team at IMSC 2022

IMSC 2022

The International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC 2022) will bring together colleagues from universities, industry and research institutions for research workshops, policy discussions and business meetings across the breadth of mass spectrometry.

The ecTOF team is pleased to be participate in the conference program and looks forward to networking within the international mass spectrometry community.

ecTOF Presentations at IMSC 2022

August 29-30
Poster Session A
Permeation tube assisted reagent ion manipulation on a GC-EC-TOF for improved non-target analysis approaches, Dr. Sonja Klee, TOFWERK

Wednesday, August 31
12:08 pm, Oral Presentation
Hyphenation of gas chromatography to a dual ionization source TOFMS for improved compound identification, Dr. Steffen Bräkling, TOFWERK

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