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ecTOF Receives Class 1 Certification for Automotive VOC Emissions Testing (ISO 12219-3)

ecTOF Class 1 VOC Emissions

December 2022
TOFWERK, Switzerland

TOFWERK is proud to announce that the ecTOF is now Class 1 certified for VOC emissions testing according to ISO 12219-3. This certification comes after participation in the 2022 Olfasense Proficiency Test for VOC Emissions in the Automotive Industry. A thermoplastic polyolefin foil, prepared and delivered by Olfasense, was assessed according to ISO 12219-3 (Interior air of road vehicles – Part 3: Screening method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials – Microscale chamber method: Dec 2013). The aim of this proficiency test was to assess the performance of the participating laboratories according to VDA 278 and/or to ISO 12219-3.

In total, 36 laboratories from 7 different countries applied to participate, 22 of which took part in the ISO 12219-3 study. The volatile organic compound (VOC) sum value in µg/g as well as the three specific compounds (toluene, 1,3-di-tert-butylbenzene and 2,3- di-tert-butylbenzene in µg/g) were assessed. For evaluation, the z-score method according to ISO 17043 was applied by Olfasense. 

All measurements were carried out at the TOFWERK Headquarters in Thun, Switzerland. The ecTOF team submitted quantitative results obtained using electron ionization and chemical ionization data that was simultaneously collected. The resulting Class – 1 certification demonstrates the ecTOF conforms with the latest quality analysis standards and can be used for routine analysis and confident identification of compounds of interest.

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