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Join the icpTOF Team at Goldschmidt 2023

Goldschmidt 2023

The icpTOF team is excited to join the geochemistry community at Goldschmidt 2023 in Lyon, France this summer! During the week of July 9-14 , scientists from around the world will come together to promote an understanding of geochemistry and related topics. 

TOFWERK Activities at Goldschmidt 2023

TOFWERK Goldschmidt Booth 8

We invite you to visit our booth to meet members of our icpTOF team, see recent laser ablation and single particle geochemistry application data, and discuss how your research could benefit from working with TOFWERK.

icpTOF Goldschmidt Presentations 

Wednesday, 12 July
15:30-15:45, Oral Session 5b – Zoned clinopyroxenes reflect magmatic processes and eruption triggers: constraints on the crustal architecture of an off-ridge ocean island (Terceira, Azores). Dr. Kat Shepherd, KU Leuven

17:30-19:30, Poster Session 6l – Multiphase LA-ICP-TOFMS mapping at Mpx/hr rates. Dr. Andreas Schweikert, TOFWERK

Thursday, 13 July
10:45-11:00, Oral Session 6I – Progress Towards micrometer-3D Analysis Using a femtosecond-LA-ICP-TOF-MS System. Dr. Dany Savard, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi

17:30-19:30, Poster Session 6a – Towards multi-element characterization of marine metal nanoparticles: First results from the suboxic zone of the Black Sea. Naim Yağız Naim Demir, Middle East Technical University

Friday, 14 July
16:15-16:30, Oral Session 6a – Development of a High-Throughput Method for Elemental and Isotopic Characterization of Nanoparticles via Single Particle-ICP-TOFMS. Dr. C Derrick Quarles Jr, Elemental Scientific

17:00-17:15, Oral Session 6a – Elemental Analysis on Individual Nanoparticles in Meteorites using ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. Dr. Kanoko Kurihara, University of Tokyo

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