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The icpTOF and Integrated TOFpilot Software: A Powerful Addition for High-Throughout Single-Particle Analysis

High-throughput Single-Particle Analysis

Towards Automated and High-Throughput Quantitative Sizing and Isotopic Analysis of Nanoparticles via Single Particle-ICP-TOFMS

Manard et al.
Nanomaterials, 2023
DOI: 10.3390/nano13081322

Automation has become increasingly important in many fields of science, including analytical chemistry. In particular, when it comes to analyzing samples at the single-cell or single-particle level, the use of an autosampler can greatly improve the reliability and reproducibility of the data. This is because the accuracy and precision of the results will depend on the number of samples analyzed, and manual sample handling can introduce errors and variability. With automation, more samples can be measured in less time, and with greater precision and accuracy, allowing for more reliable statistical analyses.

In the following work (featured on the cover of Nanomaterials Volume 13, Issue 8), the authors coupled a microFAST SC sample introduction (Elemental Scientific Inc.) with the icpTOF R. Using TOFpilot, an effortless communication between both system is achieved. In this work, the robustness and reproducibility of the data is demonstrated, making the combined setup a valuable tool for both screening and more in-depth analyses. This combination of technologies provides a powerful tool for characterizing the elemental composition of individual cells or particles, which can have important applications in fields such as environmental monitoring, toxicology, and biomedical research.

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