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Meet the icpTOF Quantistar – A Microdroplet Sample Introduction and Calibration System

icpTOF Quantistar

Product Release
May 2022
TOFWERK, Thun, Switzerland

TOFWERK is proud to release the icpTOF Quantistar at this week’s Spectr’atom conference in Pau, France (May 10-13).

The icpTOF Quantistar enables accurate determination of particle size and number concentration without the need for particle standards. This greatly simplifies the analysis of single particles or cells of any composition in various aqueous and organic matrices. The Quantistar comes with straightforward software workflows, supporting both external and online calibration. As such, the Quantistar – in combination with the icpTOF – is the ideal tool for investigating single particles or cells in environmental, biological, toxicological, and materials science studies.

For more in-depth information about the icpTOF Quantistar, we invite you to browse the supporting materials below. If you will be in Pau, France this week for Spectr’atom, please speak to our exhibition booth delegates. Our team can always be reached at

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