icpTOF Webinar Series: Multi-Element, Single-Particle Analysis

In Part 2 of our icpTOF Webinar Series,  Dr. Olga Borovinskaya reviews use of the icpTOF for single-particle analysis.

In addition to determining particle size and number concentration, the icpTOF is uniquely capable of measuring the complete, multi-element composition of individual particles.  This rich data is enabling the application of single-particle methodology to more complex samples.

This webinar will

  • Introduce the concept of multi-element, single-particle analysis with icpTOF
  • Discuss current quantification and interference control strategies
  • Present recent applications examples and perspectives on ICP-TOFMS technology

Webinar Presenter

Olga Borovinskaya is an Application Scientist at TOFWERK in Thun, Switzerland .  Her research focuses on new applications of the icpTOF, including multi-element single nanoparticle and single droplet analysis.  Dr. Borovinskaya holds a PhD from ETH Zürich, where she worked in the Trace Element and Micro Analysis Group.

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