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Introducing ClearFab AMC and Process Solutions at Semicon Europa 2022

semicon europa 2022

TOFWERK is excited to release ClearFab Solutions for purity assurance in semiconductor manufacturing at Semicon Europa 2022. This premier event is the perfect platform for sharing our sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometry-based technology with industry professionals who are interested in the innovations that will power the next wave of semiconductor industry growth.

Meet us at our Booth – B1467 – to discuss ClearFab Solutions for these critical use cases, including:

  • FOUP Monitoring
  • Multi-Port Air Systems
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Deposition, Etch, and Lithography Monitoring

Ultra-sensitive, real-time chemical analysis for AMC monitoring and process gas analysis

Semiconductor manufacturing requires material purity and contaminant-free environments to ensure high-quality products and minimize yield loss. ClearFab AMC and Process Solutions leverage the speed and sensitivity of TOFWERK’s time-of-flight mass spectrometry to meet demanding and diverse fab applications.

ClearFab AMC Monitoring
ClearFab AMC Solutions offer comprehensive coverage across all key AMC categories using novel fast-switching time-of-flight chemical ionization mass spectrometry. TOFWERK’s AMC solutions present the highest sensitivity for AMC monitoring, provide ultra-fast measurement speed (1 Hz) and a customizable, future-proof solution capable of addressing several different applications throughout the fab.

ClearFab AMC Solutions are the ideal tool to ensure yield enhancement for device and systems in the fab.  Learn More

ClearFab Process Gas Analysis
ClearFab Process Solutions are fully integrated process characterization and monitoring systems. Using electron ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry, all precursors, byproducts, and trace species are simultaneously detected to guide immediate process control action and to inform analytics and process intelligence for deposition, etch, and lithography.

Uniquely positioned to address challenging process requirements, ClearFab Process Solutions provide fast, non-intrusive detection of process deviations, in real time. Learn More

semicon Europa booth

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ClearFab AMC Monitoring

ClearFab Process Gas Analysis