Plant VOC Emissions

High-Throughput Monitoring of Plant VOC Emissions 


Plant VOC Emissions

The interaction of plants with their environment determines their survival in nature and yields in agriculture. Plants can detect VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as environmental cues. Furthermore, they release specific VOCs to attract beneficial organisms or repel parasitoids and as response to biotic and abiotic stresses. The chemical language of plants is mediated by VOCs and is a fascinating subject still largely unexploredThe speed and sensitivity required for real-time detection of such VOCs overcame the performance of existing analytical instruments until the advent of the Vocus CI-TOFIt provides fast, real-time VOC measurements of living plants or plant material at ultra–low concentrations while preserving molecular identity.  Our unique autosampler integration enables quasi-simultaneous, real-time monitoring of over 100 samples with a single mass spectrometer. 


  • High-Throughput Analysis of Plant VOC Emissions Using  the Vocus CI-TOFwith Novel Autosampler 

    • High mass resolving power enabling accurate identification and quantification for plant VOC emissions 
    • Highest sensitivity available with sub-ppt LOD  
    • Fast time response allows real-time characterization of plant VOC emissions  
    • Custom designed plant autosampler enables near-simultaneous, real-time monitoring of over 100 samples  

    View the Autosampler Video

    (Top) An example of an autosampler cycle measuring a series of 17 plants. Concentrations of select VOCs are plotted at 5 Hz (5 unique mass spectra per second). (Bottom) An example mass spectrum from a single plant averaged for the 15 second measurement cycle shows that hundreds of compounds are detected and monitored in seconds. 


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