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Join TOFWERK at Bruker CorkScreener 2024

TOFWERK is excited to participate in the Bruker CorkScreener Workshop hosted by Bruker on April 11, 2024 in Espinho, Portugal.

This workshop focuses on addressing the challenges currently faced by the cork industry in providing high-quality cork stoppers for premium wines. The workshop aims to introduce a new, innovative solution from Bruker that promises fast, reliable, and transformative advancements in cork analysis. Led by Bruker specialists, partners, and esteemed experts in the cork industry, the workshop will showcase the latest developments in cork analysis, offering insights into a new paradigm and innovation to ensure the quality and integrity of cork stoppers for discerning consumers

TOFWERK – Bruker CorkScreener Activities

TOFWERK Vocus Cork Analyzer Workshop
April 11 – 15:15

Cost effective, high throughput industrial TCA screening solutions for the cork sector, Dr. Manuel Hutterli and Dr. Luigi Ciotti, TOFWERK

For joining us, please register at the link.

TOFWERK Solution at Bruker CorkScreener

Accelerate production and delivery of premium quality cork wine stoppers with the world’s first high-throughput, industrial solution for off-flavor analysis and sorting.  The Vocus Cork Analyzer quantitatively determines TCA levels below the sensory threshold in individual cork wine stoppers in 2 seconds.   

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