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Join TOFWERK at Food Chemistry 2023

The 3rd Food Chemistry Conference: Shaping a healthy and sustainable food chain through knowledge will take place in Dresden, Germany from October 10 – 12, 2023. Organized by Food Chemistry, this conference promotes and disseminates knowledge of food chemistry and allied topics, including insights into compenents in food, as well as new and rapid analusis and/or detection methods for foods.

TOFWERK is excited to be at Food Chemistry this year with an exhibition booth and an application focused presentation.

TOFWERK Food Chemistry 2023 Activities

October 10–12. Hilton Dresden
We welcome you to our booth to discuss recent TOFMS instrument developments and food and flavor applications. Meet our VCA and ecTOF experts and see how TOFWERK is rethinking high performance mass spectrometry for food chemistry applications.


Wednesday 14:45 – 15:45,
Poster Session 2, Poster 50
Piano Bar and Salons Petersburg and Rotterdam

Poster: Flavor profile comparisons and identification of compounds of interest for quality control and authenticity concerns using the newly developed GC ecTOF, Dr. Marleen Vetter, TOFWERK

Highlighted Products at Food Chemistry 2023

The TOFWERK ecTOF is the first-ever mass spectrometer to operate using parallel chemical ionization (CI) and electron ionization (EI) in a single time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzer during a single chromatographic separation step.

Learn more about multidimensional analysis for target, suspect, and non-targeted applications with the ecTOF.

Vocus Cork Analyzer

The Vocus Cork Analyzer accelerates cork wine stopper production and ensures that producers deliver the highest quality cork wine stoppers to the winemakers and consumers who rely on purest natural corks.

With the next generation Vocus Cork Analyzer, trace levels of TCA and other off-flavors are quantified in individual stoppers in only 2 seconds per cork. This increased speed provides a throughput increase of +50% compared to the previous model, allowing the individual screening of more than 10 million corks/year with a single instrument. In addition to the accelerated screening, both mass spectrometry analysis and mechanical automation have been optimized, all while keeping unparalleled sensitivity, precision and accuracy.

Ultra-Low Detection Limits in Seconds

The Vocus Cork Analyzer rapidly measures TCA below the sensory threshold in individual cork stoppers and physically sorts each stopper according to the detected concentration.

Measured TCA concentrations for a set of 300 stoppers (2 second/cork; 10 minutes total; logarithmic plot). A sensory panel identified stoppers shown in red as being contaminated with TCA and determined those in blue to be clean. The Vocus measurements identify the same contaminated corks as the sensory panel, and further identify many other stoppers with concentrations close to 0.5 ng/L.

Food Chemistry 2023 Material Resources

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