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Join TOFWERK at GRC 2024

TOFWERK is proud to participate in this year’s Biogenic Hydrocarbons and the Atmosphere: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Impacts in the Anthropocene. Join us in Barcelona, Spain from June 9 – 14.

The Biogenic Hydrocarbons and the Atmosphere GRC is a premier, international scientific conference focused on advancing the frontiers of science through the presentation of cutting-edge and unpublished research. The conference program includes a diverse range of speakers and discussion leaders from institutions and organizations worldwide, concentrating on the latest developments in the field.

GRC 2024 TOFWERK Activities

June 9–14, 2024
Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel
Poster: Real-time monitoring of dynamic isomer populations with CI-IMS-TOF, Dr. Luca Cappellin, TOFWERK 

Highlighted TOFWERK Technology at GRC 2024


Real-Time Monitoring of Isomer Populations with Vocus Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

TOFWERK’s Vocus CI-IMS-TOF conducts isomer separations on a much faster timescale than GC, providing powerful utility for those needing fast analysis with isomer separation.

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