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Join TOFWERK at UCPSS 2023

TOFWERK is excited to participate in the 16th Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Services at Oud Sint-Jan in Brugge, Belgium from September 12 – 14, 2023. UCPSS is a biannual event that aims to increase the level of understanding on ultra-clean processing and surface preparation technology in all steps of the fabrication of ICs, bioelectronics devices and PV-modules.

In recent years, TOFWERK and Entegris collaborated to leverage each other’s expertise and resources, enabling joint data collection, analysis, and findings related to semiconductor processes or advanced materials analysis using novel AMC detectors based on TOF technology.

This year, TOFWERK is joined by Entegris at the UCPSS conference, with a focus on ultra-clean processing of semicon surfaces. Please see below for presentation information

Semiconductor AMC UCPSS 2023 Presentation

Wednesday, September 13 15:30 – 15:50

6.2 Real-Time AMC monitoring with Novel Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry at Single-Digit pptV Concentrations
Paola Gonzalez-Aguirre, C. Frege, L. Degaches, E. Amade, A. Wild, F. Lopez-Hilfiker

Highlighted Products at UCPSS 2023

Semiconductor AMC Solutions

Ultra fast. Ultra sensitive. Our AMC Monitoring Solutions allow you to monitor known and emerging contaminants from diverse molecular categories in real time. AMC Monitoring provides robust and simultaneous measurements of multiple AMC categories using fast-switching, highly sensitive time-of-flight chemical ionization mass spectrometry. 

Semiconductor Process Solutions

With a rugged and flexible configuration, our Process Monitoring Solutions use electron ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry to simultaneously detect and analyze all precursors, byproducts, and trace species in real time. Equipped with powerful, high-speed software, our process analyzers are designed to handle challenging process requirements and enable fast, non-intrusive detection of process deviations in semiconductor processes. 

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