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Join TOFWERK at EuroAnalysis 2023

TOFWERK is excited to participate in EuroAnalysis XXI that will take place from August 27 – 31, 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. EuroAnalysis provides a forum for the European scientific community to discuss the latest developments in analytical sciences. The theme of the 2023 meeting is: Analytical Probing of Complex Systems. It reflects the urgent need to observe chemical changes in complex systems, from materials surfaces, to living cells and ecosystems, in real time and with adequate spatial resolution.

TOFWERK Euroanalysis 2023 Presentations

Monday, August 28, 15:50 – 17:00
Poster (PS1): Improved compound identification in GC analysis using an EI&CI-TOFMS, Dr. Marleen Vetter, TOFWERK

Wednesday, August 30, 14:50 – 15:50
Talk (S8-2): Improved target, suspect- and non-target analysis of environmental contaminants using a GC-EI&CI-TOF-MS system, Dr. Marleen Vetter, TOFWERK

Highlighted Product at EuroAnalysis 2023

The TOFWERK ecTOF is the first-ever mass spectrometer to operate using parallel chemical ionization (CI) and electron ionization (EI) in a single time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzer during a single chromatographic separation step.

Learn more about multidimensional analysis for target, suspect, and non-targeted applications with the ecTOF.

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