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Mobile VOC Monitoring Campaign Findings Presented at the 25th Air Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology Symposium

mobile VOC monitoring campaign China

In 2020, TOFWERK China participated in a mobile VOC monitoring campaign led by ShangHai Environment Monitoring Center (SEMC).  Preliminary findings and conclusions will be presented at the 25th Air Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology Symposium in Xi’an, China from April 10-11, 2021.  Presentation details are below.

April 11 (afternoon) Wenhua Hall -5th floor
Topic 9: O3 and VOCs monitoring and traceability and law enforcement control
Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center East

China University of Science and Technology
Research on VOCs Rapid Monitoring Technology and Law Enforcement Application, Dr. Gao Song

VOCs pollution source traceability method and practical cases based on the boundary observation of industrial zone, Dr Huang Yinzhi

Mobile VOC monitoring platforms have gained increasing interest for various stakeholders in China. As the leading party in the environmental monitoring community, ShangHai EMC called six active providers/manufacturers to participate a 1.5 week long joint campaign in June 2020. The study aimed to systematically evaluate the performance of commercially available fast response mass spectrometers when facing challenging VOC complexes in industrial settings.  

To better reflect the practical scenarios, calibration cylinders including oxygenated VOCs, halogenated VOCs, organic acids, organic amines and amides were tested with instruments from all six manufacturers. Low speed (<30 km/h) and high speed (no less than 60 km/h) drives around one large-scale petro-chemical site were conducted. In addition, the stability of instrument performance was analyzed over a 24-hour continuous measurement test.  

Through the campaign, TOFWERK China has established a strong relationship with the mobile VOC monitoring community. It is believed that, together as a community, the air quality can be greatly improved in China.

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