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TOFWERK Modular Design Platform

TOFWERK TOFs are used for the measurement of ions generated by a broad range of methods and are frequently incorporated into larger analytical systems that require sophisticated mechancial and electronic coupling.

Our modular design platform enables rapid design and manufacturing of custom instrumentation for research laboratories and OEM customers.

  • High-performance TOF analyzers
  • Optimized vacuum and ion optic interfaces – for coupling of TOFs to ion sources of varied pressure and geometry
  • Flexible data acquisition and control software with supported API for development of custom applications
  • Sophisticated Timing modes for synchronization with external devices
  • Open source data structure that can be directly imported into many scientific data analysis software programs (MATLAB, IGOR Pro, etc)
  • Customizable data analysis software

TOF Analyzers

Design of your custom instrument begins with the choice of one of our three orthogonal extraction TOF platforms.
All are available as either positive-ion or bipolar detectors.

CTOFCompact TOF analyzer for space-limited designs or high-speed measurements
HTOFA medium-resolution TOF with field portable size
LTOF Our highest performance TOF analyzer

CTOFHTOFLTOFDefinition of Units
Mass Rangeup to 20000 Thup to 20000 Thup to 20000 ThTh, thomson=1 u/e=1 Da/e, mass/charge
User defines based on sample composition
Mass Resolving Power700-1100 Th/Th3000-7000 Th/Th6000-14000 Th/ThM/ΔM, FWHM
Depending on application
Mass Accuracy4 ppm4 ppmOctafluoronaphthalene (OFN)
1.5,Th for C10F8+
Burst Spectra RateUp to 80000 spectra/sUp to 40000 spectra/sUp to 40000 spectra/sSaved to Aquisition PC
Continuous Spectra RateUp to 2000 spectra/sUp to 2000 spectra/sUp to 2000 spectra/s
Intensity Dynamic Range6 Orders of Magnitude in 10 ms
7 Orders of Magnitude per second
Mass of Analyzer9 kg12 kg23 kg
Mass of Power Supply15 kg19 kg19 kg
Vacuum PortsTurbo Pump: 63-K or 100-K
Gauge: 25-KF
TOF Chamber Dimensions265 x 175 x 115 mm665 x 250 x 102 mm

TOF Interfaces

Our differentially pumped interface designs reconcile pressure differences between ion source and TOF analyzer, while efficiently transporting ions from the source to the TOF.   In many cases, our standard interfaces are immediately compatible with a customer’s ion source.   If not, you many work with our design team to optimize coupling and analytic performance.

APIAtmospheric Pressure Interface for sources such as ESI, DART, or APCI.
MPIMid- Pressure Interface for sources such as GD or CI.
LPILow Pressure Interface for sources such as EI or PI.
Model showing API with mounting flange (pink) for coupling of customer’s high pressure ion source.

TOF Data Acquisition

Data acquisition hardware and software are tailored to meet the unique needs of your custom instrument.

The data acquisition system must consider the necessary dynamic range, spectral acquisition rates, and all externally synchronized devices.  Additionally, data files generated by the data acquisition software must have a structure that accommodates all the dimensions (time-scales) of the experiment and that synchronizes peripheral data values with MS data. Our suite of acquisition hardware and software tools is immediately adaptable for any TOF experiment.

Tofdaq: Data Acquisition Software and API

  • Optimized for fast acquisition and multidimensional experiments
  • Graphical software for control and visualization of data acquisition
  • Documented and supported API for TOF control

Tofwerk Data File Structure

  • Flexible data structure, using HDF5 file format, for n-dimensional MS experiments
  • High capacity, necessary for save and processing of fast TOF acquisition
  • Compatible with most mathematical computing languages
  • Learn more about HDF5 


  • Choice of ADCs and TDCs to best match application needs
  • Proprietary acquisition firmwares with TOF-specific functionality

TOF Data Analysis

Tofware is a powerful graphical interface for the viewing, manipulation and analysis of TOFWERK data files. It can be easily expanded or customized to optimize your analysis workflows.

From simple data inspection to full-blown peak finding and automated batch processing of large datasets, Tofware allows the user to quickly and seamlessly arrive at the desired analysis results.

  • Powerful MS data viewing, manipulation and analysis toolkit
  • Dedicated, specialized interfaces for IMS-TOF and ICP-TOF
  • Automated batch process handling for routine analysis of large sample set
  • mzML data export for use in third-party applications
  • Fully-documented and supported
  • Publication-grade graphics
  • Modular construction – allows easy expansion for OEM / specialized applications


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