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From ion source to data analysis – our modular design platform will accelerate your OEM project

Partner with us to design and manufacture a mass spectrometer that meets your unique requirements.

OEM Partner Case Studies

Our many successful partnerships are based on the combination of our mass spectrometry expertise with our partners’ knowledge of specific research fields and applications.

OEM Partner - Aerodyne Research

Aerodyne Research (Billerica, USA) is a recognized leader in online analysis of atmospheric gases and aerosols. Their research staff and their extensive network of customers use Aerodyne instruments to address pressing questions related to climate change and air quality – in the laboratory, in the field, and on board mobile research platforms.

TOFWERK has supplied TOF hardware and software to Aerodyne for more than a decade, beginning with the Aerodyne ToF Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS), which couples Aerodyne’s aerosol sampling and sizing technology with a TOF mass analyzer. The ToF-AMS has become a standard component on all major atmospheric research campaigns, and ToF-AMS data has been included in close to 1000 publications. Aerodyne’s atmospheric product line now includes versions of the IMS-TOF, API-TOF, Vocus CI-TOF, and EI-TOF that have been adapted and expanded to meet unique demands of atmospheric science.

Through our support of Aerodyne and their customers we have developed an expertise in the design of field deployable mass spectrometers. The rugged physical demands of atmospheric field work have encouraged a robust standard for all TOFWERK hardware and motivated the development of many components and features.

OEM Partner - Karsa

Karsa (Helsinki, FI) develops advanced MS systems and accessories for molecular detection of explosives. Founded in 2016, Karsa is a spin-off of the University of Helsinki. The TOFWERK and the Karsa research teams have had a long and fruitful relationship, stemming from developments of new Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) methods for atmospheric research at University of Helsinki. This APCI technology is widely used with the API-TOF for online, trace detection of gas-phase organic compounds, and is recognized for having achieved the lowest ever limit of detection for sulphuric acid. Today TOFWERK and Karsa are collaborating to extend use of related technology for security applications and to optimize hardware and software for securities environments and workflows.

The Karsa ionization inlet is capable of detecting of a wide range of chemical compounds at extremely low concentrations. The design achieves very high ionization efficiencies based on a high rate of reagent-analyte collisions. Soft ionization enables detection of intact compounds instead of fragments, thereby simplying spectral interpretation and increasing confidence in results. Karsa has also develops equipment for direct air sampling as well as trapping vapors and particles on a filter media that is later desorbed and analyzed.   Learn more at

Exum Instruments

OEM Partner - Exum Instruments

Exum Instruments (Denver, USA) enables materials scientists and engineers to spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it. Exum’s first instrument, the Massbox, provides rapid, high-sensitivity elemental characterization of any solid material. The Massbox combines Exum’s patented Laser Ablation Laser Ionization (LALI) technique with TOFWERK’s industry-leading time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzer. LALI uses two lasers to first ablate, or release, material from the solid sample’s surface and then ionize that ablated material in a second step. After ionization, the ions move through a series of ion optics to the TOF mass analyzer, which generates a full mass spectrum at each laser spot.

Compared to traditional mass spectrometry techniques, the Massbox eliminates complicated sample preparation procedures and significantly reduces spectral interferences and matrix effects. In addition to bulk characterization, it can be used for elemental mapping. Each map displays the spatial distribution of any element of interest at the resolution of the ablation laser’s spot size. Providing versatility, high-throughput, excellent elemental coverage, and low detection limits in a compact, desktop package, the Massbox is an attractive solution for metals testing applications and beyond.


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