The ecTOF simultaneously analyzes samples with electron and chemical ionization MS detection - all in one instrument

A concept mass spectrometer for GC-MS and real-time analysis.  Various combined modes of EI and CI operation enable multidimensional analysis for target, suspect, and non-targeted applications.

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ecTOF Modes of Operation

The combination of ion sources and sampling methods yields multiple modes of operation.  All modes generate molecular information by CI and structural information by EI. 

GC Separation with CI-MS and EI-MS

The ecTOF splits the GC effluent into two equal parts for introduction into the electron ionization (EI) and the chemical ionization (CI) chambers.  The instrument rapidly switches between the ion beams, yielding structural and molecular information with a single GC run.

TOFWERK’s proprietary Helical Resonator Plasma (HRP) CI source offers unmatched sensitivity for GC and preservation of chromatographic performance for the whole GC spectrum. The HRP replaces classic filaments with a medium-pressure plasma power supply, yielding long ionization source lifetimes and stability.  Available reagent ions include: N2H+, H3O+, C4H9+, [H(H2O)n]+, NH4+.

GC-EI-MS with Simultaneous
Real-Time CI-MS

Real-time chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CI-MS) directly samples air and continuously measures its changing composition with ultra-high sensitivity. In this mode of operation, the GC effluent is analyzed by EI, while a separate inlet continuously introduces sample into the CI chamber.  The resulting data contains structural information from the GC and time-varying information from CI.

Note that the CI source can instead analyze a second, different sample (i.e. parallel analysis of two different samples).

The ecTOF is fully compatible with the Vocus CI-TOF PTR and Aim reactors, offering a wide range of reagent ion options. For more information see Vocus CI-TOF product page 

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