The EI-TOF is a fast, sensitive detector for gas chromatography (GC) or GCxGC

A compact, electron impact (EI) mass spectrometer with a heated capillary inlet. Available in bench-top and field-deployable formats.

Advantages of EI-TOF for GC

  • Exceptional speed, mass accuracy, and sensitivity
  • Heated capillary inlet for easy coupling to any GC or capillary format experiment
  • Flexible configuration: Laboratory and field-portable platforms
  • GC and GCxGC specific control software
  • Electron Ionization (EI) source, with optional, interchangeable chemical ionization (CI) source hardware
  • EI-TOF for Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry(MI-MS) also available
  Mass Resolving Power (M/dM) LOD for OFN LOD for Gas Detection2  Relative Mass Accuracy 
 EI-CTOF  Up to 7005fg<200 ppt2ppm
 EI-HTOFUp to 50005fg <200 ppt2ppm

1. Measurement with a GC x GC.  Injection of 1pg OFN (octafluoronapthalene)
2. Measurement with a compact GC x GC from Global Analyser Solutions (G.A.S.).  Injection of 100μl of 50 ppb BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene).

Available Ionization methods: EI, PCI, NCI


Field Deployable Specifications:

  • Same components and same high performance as laboratory versions
  • Rack-mounted for easy transport and operation in rugged environments, including mobile laboratories
  • All components are contained in frame – including PC, control electronics, vacuum pumps and TOF
  • The heated capillary inlet extends out of frame for coupling to GC or other capillary-based techniques
  • 850 x 570 x 480 mm, 85 kg (HTOF version). Can operate in any orientation

EI-TOF  Publications


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Related Applications

We have delivered the EI-TOF for uses ranging from GCxGC analysis of petroleum samples to real-time air quality analysis aboard research aircraft.

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