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All the elements. All the time.

All-element, high-resolution detection for single particles, individual cells, and laser ablation imaging

High-Speed, All-Element Time-of-Flight ICP-MS

An inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) that simultaneously measures all isotopes at unprecedented speed.
  • High Mass Resolution – The icpTOF 2R has a mass resolving power of 6000 allowing you to separate interfering ions.
  • Precise Isotope Ratios – The icpTOF simultaneously measures all isotopes, thus eliminating the susceptibility of your measurements to source and sample fluctuations. Precision approaches statistical limits.
  • High Speed Detection – The icpTOF records a complete mass spectrum every 12-50 µs making it the optimum detector for fast transient signals such as individual nanoparticles, fluid inclusions and laser ablation pixels.
  • Maximum Sensitivity – The icpTOF S2 has maximum sensitivity to increase image resolution and detect smaller particles with high SNR.

Select the Right icpTOF for Your Research


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Microdroplet Sample Introduction and Calibration System


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