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All the elements. All the time.

All-element, high-resolution detection for single particles, individual cells, and laser ablation imaging

icpTOF Specifications

icpTOF R, icpTOF 2R, and icpTOF S2 Models

The icpTOF R,  icpTOF 2R, and icpTOF S2 couple TOFWERK time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzers to the source and interface hardware of a Thermo iCAP RQ.  The optimized performance points enable diverse applications.  The high resolution 2R is the choice for applications that demand separation of difficult isobaric interferences. The maximum sensitivity of the S2 increases spatial resolution for bioimaging and allows detection of smaller particles with high SNR.


Mass Resolving Power (ΔM/M at FWHM)

Sensitivity (cps/ppb for 238U)

All Element Analysis

icpTOF R300050000Yes
icpTOF 2R600030000Yes
icpTOF S2900300000Yes


icpTOF Hardware Design

  • All icpTOF models include the iCAP RQ source and interface (blue) with Q-cell technology for suppression of matrix ions
  • The TOF ion drift chamber (yellow) of the icpTOF 2R is two times longer than that of the icpTOF R, leading to a doubling of mass resolving power
  • The compact icpTOF S2 acquires complete mass spectra at the highest speed, leading to maximum time resolution and sensitivity.

Notch Filter Technology to Attenuate Plasma and Sample Matrix Ions

Signal of a laser ablation experiment on Zircon ‘Plesovice’ -naturally high in Hafnium content. Signal attenuation of notch filter set around mass 28 -Silicon, 40 -Ar-Plasma, 90 -Zircon and 179 -Hafnium to keep plasma and matrix ion signals <10 mV.


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