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Complete AMC Control

Comprehensive, fast and sensitive AMC monitoring.

Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Sensitive,
Real-Time AMC Monitoring

Monitor known and emerging contaminants from diverse molecular categories, sensitively, accurately, and reliably.

Conventional AMC monitoring solutions often require multiple sensors to adequately measure a full list of compounds requiring monitoring. The TOFWERK Semicon AMC Monitor provides robust and simultaneous measurements of multiple AMC categories, with a single solution.

Real-time Measurements

Quickly detect and react to early stage contamination events.


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Robust Coverage

Ultrafast, simultaneous measurements of AMCs including acids, bases, condensable and VOCs.

Single digit, part-per-trillion LODs

Sensitive detection for the lowest concentrations.

AMCCASMolecule2s LOD (ppbv)1min LOD (ppbv)
Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (PGMEA)108-65-6C6H12O30.00650.0012
Propylene glycol methyl ether (PGME)107-98-2C4H10O20.0520.0094
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)78-93-3C4H8O0.4210.075
Ethyl Acetate (EA)141-78-6C4H8O20.1040.019
Ammonia 7664-41-7 NH30.4080.072
Hydrogen fluoride7664-39-3HF0.0110.0002
Hydrochloric acid132228-87-6HCl0.5260.095
Nitric acid7697-37-2HNO30.00720.0013

Comprehensive contamination control throughout the fab.

FOUP Monitoring

The transport of Front Opening Unified Pods from process to process presents one of the greatest contamination risks in the fab. FOUP cleaning is limited by the sensitivity, speed and coverage of AMC screening.

Facility Monitoring

Semiconductor manufacturing consists of many independent processes. To catch early-stage contamination events, sensitive AMC monitoring is a critical component of fab infrastructure.

Mobile Analysis

Semicon AMC Monitors offer unique versatility allowing easy deployment in the different fab environments. Semicon AMC Monitors provide in-situ mobile measurement for accurate AMC control and leak detection of specific important for sticky and reactive contaminants.

Immediate Hazard Detection

Material off-gassing in an ISO 5 microtechnology cleanroom.

Material was purged with CDA and measured directly. Each time series shows simultaneous compound measurements with 3 different ionization chemistries.

Proud Members

The TOFWERK Semicon Team takes great pride in its membership with organizations dedicated to advancing the electronic and semiconductor industries through networking and scientific knowledge sharing.

Our Expert Partners

Our carefully selected partners share our core mission to provide material purity and contaminant-free environments within the semiconductor industry. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to empower our customers in producing top-tier products while minimizing manufacturing yield loss.


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