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Complete AMC Control

Comprehensive, fast and sensitive AMC monitoring.


A complete suite of tools for effective AMC control.

Real-Time Monitoring

Quickly detect and react to early-stage contamination events.
Fabs host 100s of processes that can produce unwanted contaminants. When there is a leak or process failure, live and fast AMC reporting helps manufactures to quickly respond to and resolve contamination events.

Part-per-Trillion Detection Limits

Highly sensitive, so you don’t miss a signal.
As the technology node continue to decrease, the impact trace AMCs have on production yield is amplified. Monitoring solutions that don’t reach part per trillion limits of detection fail to provide adequate protection against contamination events.

Robust Coverage

Simultaneously measure Acids, Bases, Condensables, and VOCs.
AMCs are composed from a variety of molecular classes. Conventional technologies do not adequately measure all relevant categories and often require a suite of instrumentation to provided adequate coverage. Semicon AMC Solutions provide comprehensive, real-time coverage for the molecular classes that pose a critical risk to semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Flexible Configurations

A solution for every application.
Whether you are monitoring fab processes for chemical leaks, evaluating FOUPs for QC control, or need to conduct mobile facility analysis, the Semicon AMC Monitor can be uniquely configured to meet the demands of your application.

Customizable Target Lists

Evolves with your interests.
Keep track of every AMC that matters, then add more, and more, and more.

Polarity Switching

Polarity switching in milliseconds.
Enables both positive and negative ion chemistries for the measurement of gas phase organics and inorganics all in one compact solution. Particularly useful in combination with fast reagent ion switching.

Fast Reagent Ion Switching

Different reagent ions with a single reactor.
Reagent ion switching enables real-time monitoring using different reagent ions with a single reactor. Switching timescales are 50-100 ms for the Aim Reactor.

Retrospective Data Review

Detailed data inventory for future proof analysis.
Readily available, historical mass spectrum measurements. Review past incidents as new AMCs become of interest.


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