The Vocus Cork Analyzer quantitatively determines TCA levels below the sensory threshold in individual cork wine stoppers in 5 seconds or less

Accelerate production and delivery of premium quality cork wine stoppers with the world’s first high-throughput, industrial solution for off-flavor analysis and sorting

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Coming Online in November 2019

The Vocus Cork Analyzer will be officially unveiled at our booth at SIMEI 2019 in Milan, Italy.

The Vocus Cork Analyzer is an Industrial Solution


Operation of the Vocus Cork Analyzer is fully automated for high-throughput analysis of cork wine stoppers in your production facility.  Corks are processed in 3 simple steps.

1.  Load.  Stoppers are loaded by a cork feeder.

2.  Analyze.  An individual cork is analyzed for off-flavors in 5 seconds or less.

3.  Sort.  Stoppers are sorted into user-defined categories based on the results of analysis.