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Bring the lab anywhere.

Real-time measurement of trace compounds in air

Real-Time Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometers

Instantaneous Analysis

Directly sample air to quantify, characterize, and report volatile organic and inorganic compounds (VOCs and VICs) in complex mixtures in real-time, without chromatography.

Unmatched Performance

Vocus delivers sub-ppt limits of detection for a diverse range of compound classes.

Built for Exploration

Laboratory performance that goes anywhere. A rugged, compact design means that your instrument goes where your sample is, not the other way around.

TOFWERK Vocus Eiger


Real-time Measurements

High Resolution Separation

Fast Polarity Switching

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Interchangeable CI Reactors

AIM Reactor

PTR Reactor

VUV Reagent Ion Source

Real-time monitoring of isomer populations with ion mobility mass spectrometry. Learn More



Go Anywhere

Optimized for use in laboratory, industrial,
and mobile applications.

Real-Time Analysis

Flexible Ionization to Target Your Compounds of Interest

Vocus ionizes molecules by controlled reactions with reagent ions in a reactor.

Vocus CI-TOF Reactors

Use one reactor with a single reagent ion
OR use one reactor that can switch between multiple reagent ions in a single experiment
OR interchange two reactors with different reagent ions


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