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Real-time measurement of trace compounds in air


A comprehensive toolbox to address the needs of researchers and industry.

Real-Time Measurements

Report concentrations of volatile organic and inorganic compounds (VOCs and VICs) instantaneously.

Interchangeable Reactors

Increase the range and diversity of detectable compounds by interchanging the PTR and Aim Reactors. Let your instrument grow with your research or measurement goals adding multiple reactors at the time of purchase, or upgrade later as research directions shift.

Fast Polarity Switching

Polarity switching in milliseconds enables both positive and negative ion chemistries in one compact instrument. Particularly useful in combination with fast reagent ion switching. Learn More

High Resolution Separation

Separate isobars to enable confident, robust analysis of complex mixtures.

Fast Reagent Ion Switching

Reagent ion switching enables real-time monitoring using different reagent ions with a single reactor. Switching timescales are 50-100 ms for the Aim Reactor and as fast as 10 s for the PTR Reactor.

Magnification Interface

Transfer ions from the Vocus reactor to the TOF analyzer with the highest possible efficiency for improved sensitivity.

VUV Reagent Ion Source

A bright, safe, and robust ion source for the generation of a variety of reagent ions used in the Vocus Aim.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Real-time monitoring of isomer populations with ion mobility mass spectrometry. Learn More


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