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Vocus Cork Analyzer

TCA quantification in only 2 seconds.

Accelerate production and delivery of premium cork wine stoppers

Guarantee Cork Stopper Quality With Advanced Mass Spectrometry

The Vocus Cork Analyzer couples our fast, sensitive Vocus CI-TOF 2R mass analyzer to an industrial-scale autosampler and sorter. Stoppers are analyzed directly without any soaking or destruction.


High mass resolution of 10,000 Th/Th and mass accuracy of ∼ 1ppm allow unambigous TCA separation and quantification.

TCA Spect Combi
a. TOFMS mass spectrum of a heated cork (1.2 s average, logarithmic scale). Measured TCA isotopes in blue. TCA is a tiny fraction of total VOC emission from the cork. b. Zoom of mass range of the main TCA isotopes (no fragmentation)

Linear Quantitative Response

The intensity of the signal recorded by the Vocus Cork Analyzer is directly proportional to TCA concentration, enabling accurate determination of TCA levels in individual cork stoppers.

Linear Quantitative Response
Signals recorded by the Vocus Cork Analyzer for a set of externally calibrated cork stoppers having TCA concentrations between 0.3 and 20 ng/L, each measured for 3 seconds.

Ultra-Low Detection Limits in Seconds

The Vocus Cork Analyzer rapidly measures TCA below the sensory threshold in individual cork stoppers and physically sorts each stopper according to the detected concentration.

Vocus Cork Analyzer provides > 600x the detection speed and 5-10x lower level of quantification compared to ISO


The Vocus Cork Analyzer precisely reports TCA concentrations – reproducing the same results for individual stoppers measured repeatedly across weeks.


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