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Vocus Cork Analyzer

TCA quantification in only 2 seconds.

Accelerate production and delivery of premium cork wine stoppers

Off-Flavor Analysis of Every Cork Wine Stopper

The Vocus Cork Analyzer tests individual stoppers for the presence of TCA and other off flavors and automatically sorts the stoppers according to detected concentrations.

  • High-Throughput Industrial Solution.
    More than 30’000 stoppers can be processed daily with the industrial-scale autosampler and sorter.
  • Trace-Level Detection in Seconds.
    TCA is quantified below the sensory threshold in every single stopper in 2 seconds.
  • Adjustable Thresholds for Stopper Sorting.
    Analyzed stoppers are sorted into customizable TCA concentration categories.
  • Fully Validated Scientific Method.
    Superior sensitivity, precision and accuracy compared to standard TCA measurement methods are demonstrated in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.
  • Direct TCA Calibration.
    Robust and fast instrument calibration via injection of TCA liquid solution.

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The Vocus Cork Analyzer is an Industrial Solution​

Operation of the Vocus Cork Analyzer is fully automated for high-throughput analysis of cork wine stoppers in your production facility. Corks are processed in 3 simple steps.

  1. Load. Stoppers are loaded by a cork feeder.
  2. Analyze. An individual cork is analyzed for off-flavors in 2 seconds.
  3. Sort. Stoppers are sorted into user-defined categories based on the results of analysis.

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