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Our Support Team provides fast, comprehensive support worldwide to customers and OEM partners. Whether you are in a field campaign, by a factory line or in the lab, our experts are available to answer your questions. 

  • Technical and application support
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Preventive and curative maintenance 
  • Upgrades
  • Campaign kits
  • Hardware and software custom development
  • Training sessions
  • Customer knowledge base 

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Our experienced team members are here to answer your questions and support your troubleshooting.

TOFWERK Support Team

Sylvain Reissier

Sylvain Reissier

Sylvain is an engineer and scientist who spent the last 5 years developing, assembling and selling mass spectrometers. His work experience in various countries and in diverse positions gives him a good approach to answer customer's request all around the globe.

Benoit Plet

Benoit Plet

Benoit is the Head of TOFWERK's Global Service and Support. He has spent the last 15+ years in a technical role, supporting scientists and instrumentation in field and laboratory settings. His focus on knowledge, integrity, and diligence has created a value-driven technical support team that puts customer success as priority #1.

Victoria Griffiths

Victoria Griffiths

Victoria is a technician who spent 3 years at CERN working in vacuum analysis. She is also involved in quality control and uses her practical knowledge to problem solve and support others.

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