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icpTOF Now Available for Demonstration Measurements in Shanghai

Earlier this month, a TOFWERK icpTOF R was installed in the applications lab of ChemLab Shanghai.  The instrument is immediately available for demonstration measurements, giving Chinese scientists the chance to experience the performance and workflows of the icpTOF for high-speed laser ablation imaging and all-element single particle analysis.   The icpTOF is managed by ChemLab’s scientific staff in close collaboration with Tofwerk scientists. ChemLab Shanghai is a partner of Elemental Scientific Laser in China, whose laser ablation technology is coupled to the demonstration icpTOF for imaging measurements.       

COVID-related travel restrictions prevented Tofwerk staff from visiting the site for delivery.   Nonetheless, installation, tuning, and training were successfully completed in only a few days with remote support from Tofwerk’s team. 

We look forward to welcoming the Chinese scientific community to this new facility!