TOFWERK at the 23rd SO2, NOx and Particles Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Seminar

TOFWERK is traveling to Tangshan, China to participate in the 23rd SO2, NOx and particles pollution prevention and control technology seminar- April 18- 19, 2019.

In order to thoroughly implement the “Three-Year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense War”, improve China’s environmental air quality, support the science and technology of the prevention and control of air pollution, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences is organizing the 23rd SO2, NOx and particles pollution prevention and control technology seminar. The co-organizers include the China Academy of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Environmental Monitoring Station, and other research institutes and universities.

TOFWERK Presentations

Session 4VOCs Emission Control and Operation
Vocus PTR-TOF technology, Dr. Rui Li

Session 5 – Air Quality Monitoring and Forecast
Industrial Park VOC Monitoring with the Vocus PTR-TOF, Dr. Rui Li



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