TOFWERK Software

Data acquisition and analysis software for all custom and end-user TOFWERK products.



Data Post Processing

  • Powerful and flexible post-processing software for the visualization and interpretation of TOF data
  • Specialized functionality for Vocus PTR-TOF, IMS-TOF, GC-TOF and icpTOF
  • Automated batch process handling for routine analysis of large sample sets
  • Multiple-format data export for use in third-party applications
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Real-Time Data Visualization

  • Dedicated, specialized version for Vocus PTR-TOF and IMS-TOF
  • Modular construction – allows easy expansion for OEM / specialized applications
  • Fully-documented and supported
  • Customizable settings with workspaces for individual users
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TOFpilot Software Feature


Integrated Control for the icpTOF

The TOFpilot software greatly simplifies the workflow for the user by integrating control of the icpTOF with different sample introduction systems, such as laser ablation systems, singleparticle, or autosamplers for solution analysis. TOFpilot operates on a module-basis which allows the user to set up different workflow sequences. 

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Data Acquisition and API Tools

  • TofDaq Recorder. Core application for controlling all TOFWERK TOFs
  • TofDaq Viewer. General-purpose data visualization tool, which can be used with any TOFWERK TOF. Real-time and post-acquisition functionality
  • TofDaq API. Application programming interface gives immediate access to the full instrument functionality in your software

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