Acquility: Instrument control and real-time data processing and visualization

Acquility provides a tailored user interface, giving you control of your TOFWERK instrument and performing the real-time measurement and processing of data pertinent to your application. 

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Advantages of Acquility

TOFWERK’s Acquility control software is a flexible solution for instrument control and online data processing, offering numerous skins for common applications, as well as the option to fully customize the user interface for your own particular application. The browser-based skins expose all of what you need to see and nothing that you don’t, and the online processing delivers immediate results. 

Features of Acquility

TOFWERK’s Acquility control software provides a tailored user interface by offering numerous skins for common applications.  


  • Track concentrations of target compounds as a function of time.
  • Choose target compounds from Tofwerk’s ever-expanding library 
  • Bundle compounds together into distinct classes. 
  • Automated mass- and sensitivity-calibration.
  • Automated, routine switching of reagent ions.
  • Automated, periodic background determination. 
  • Real-time data processing for online concentration display and export 
  • Broadcast of results to the network 
  • Single-click transition between instrument states (ready, sleep, shutdown etc).




  • Qualitatively report presence of target compounds in sample.
  • Choose target compounds from Tofwerk’s ever-expanding library. 
  • User-tunable confidence levels on up/down alarm condition on a per-compound basis. 
  • Sample mode: pre-define background before running batch of individual samples. 
  • Real-time mode: Acquility’s proprietary adaptive threshold algorithm responds to changing background levels to deliver continuous online compound detection. 
  • Broadcast of results to the network. 
  • Saving & broadcast of mass spectra and pertinent metadata upon alarm condition for detailed offline forensic application. 



  • Quality control through comparison of sample spectra against reference (“fingerprinting”). 
  • User-tunable acceptance criteria. 
  • Separation of samples into distinct classes for rapid QC of heterogeneous sample batches. 
  • Export of results to PDF report and/or broadcast to the network. 
  • Synchronization with process line using simple URL-based API.



  • Full instrument control with minimum fuss– From single-click instrument control to fine tuning of each instrument parameter, AcquilityLAB is designed for R&D labs where comprehensive user control of all acquisition settings may be desired, whilst reducing common operations, such as startup & shutdown or sensitivity calibration, to a single click. 
  • Individual settings – AcquilityLABS’s fully customizable workspace concept allows individual users to create their own workspaces containing personalized settings tailored to the specific user’s needs and preferences. 
  • Online data viewing– Browsing of data through the graphical interface in all measurement data dimensions (time, chromatography, ion-mobility, MS). 
  • Comprehensive instrument control– Parameters such as voltages, temperatures and pressures can be easily controlled through AcquilityLAB’s graphical interface. 
  • Chromatography and autosampler ready– A sequence of samples from a chromatography system or autosampler can be easily recorded using AcquilityLAB’s sequence editor, with support for synchronization with common software packages. 
  • Peak parameters- AcquilityLAB offers an online peak fitting and integration tool for quick inspection of data in real time, for both the MS and other separation dimensions.