Acquility for TOF Control and Real-Time Data Visualization

Acquility is a powerful graphical interface for the control of TOFWERK instruments and the acquisition of data.

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Advantages of Acquility

Acquility is a flexible graphical interface for control of your TOFWERK instrument and online viewing of data.

  • Dedicated, specialized version for Vocus PTR-TOF and IMS-TOF
  • Modular construction – allows easy expansion for OEM / specialized applications
  • Fully-documented and supported
  • Customizable settings with workspaces for individual users
  • Saves data to TOFWERK’s open-source HDF data format, ready for analysis with Tofware or export to third-party software

Features of Acquility

  • Full instrument control with minimum fuss– From single-click instrument control to fine tuning of each instrument parameter, Acquility caters for all instrument users.
  • Individual settings – Acquility’s fully customizable workspace concept allows individual users to create their own workspaces containing personalized settings tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.
  • Online data viewing– Browsing of data through the graphical interface in all measurement data dimensions (time, chromatography, ion-mobility, MS).
  • Instrument control– Parameters such as voltages, temperatures and pressures can be easily controlled through Acquility’s graphical interfaces (see screenshot).
  • Chromatography and autosampler ready– A sequence of samples from a chromatography system or autosampler can be easily recorded using Acquility’s sequence editor, with support for synchronization with common software packages.
  • Peak parameters- Acquility offers an online peak fitting and integration tool for quick inspection of data in real time, for both the MS and other separation dimensions such as IMS. Quickly define peaks using the graphical interface and follow their intensities and widths in real-time.
  • Documentation and support– Acquility delivers with an extensive PDF manual and access to a growing library of online video tutorials. Users may post questions directly to TOFWERK support through a link in the software.

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