TOFpilot – Integrated Control Software for the icpTOF

TOFpilot simplifies and improves imaging workflows by merging control over the laser ablation system and the icpTOF.

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Advantages of TOFpilot

The TOFpilot software greatly simplifies the workflow for the user by integrating the control over the icpTOF and different sample introduction systems, such as laser ablation systems or autosamplers for solution analysis.  TOFpilot operates on a module-basis which allows the user to set up different workflow sequences.

Features of TOFpilot

TOFpilot operates on a module-based workflow allowing for great user flexibility. The user can set up a sequence of separate items for the following tasks:

  • Plasma startup and tuning (manual or automated)
  • Laser ablation imaging (including real-time display)
  • Liquid solution analysis
  • Single spot laser ablation analysis
  • Basic data processing and export

PDF TOFpilot – An Integrated Control Software for Real-Time Laser Ablation Imaging with the icpTOF: White Paper

Software Screenshots

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