Powerful Viewing, Manipulation and Analysis of Your TOF Data

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Advantages of Tofware

Tofware is a comprehensive, flexible graphical interface for the viewing, manipulation and analysis of your TOFWERK data files. From simple data inspection to full-blown peak finding and automated batch processing of large datasets, Tofware gets you quickly and seamlessly to the desired analysis results.

  • Powerful and flexible post-processing software for the visualization and interpretation of TOF data
  • Specialized functionality for IMS-TOF and icpTOF
  • Automated batch process handling for routine analysis of large sample sets
  • Multiple-format data export for use in third-party applications
  • Fully documented and supported
  • Publication-grade graphics out of the box
  • Modular construction – allows easy adaptation for OEM / specialized applications

Ever felt like your instrument’s black-box software was limiting or impeding your data analysis? Not any more. With Tofware you can visualize and explore your data, no matter how complex the sample, at the click of the mouse. All Tofware’s graphics are fully customizable and of publication grade and the underlying data is completely exposed. With an expansive list of in-built features you can swiftly and transparently inspect and identify peaks, evaluate stats such as limits of detection, visualize time-series of peak intensities and instrument parameters and more. At every stage your data is available for export in convenient data formats such as csv or mzML and our algorithms are fully documented and in most cases published in peer-reviewed literature. Transparency means trust!

Maximize the information retrievable from your MS through our powerful peak fitting and integration routines. Find, quantify and report errors on overlapping peaks far closer together than industry-standard centroid analysis routines would be able to separate.

Peak ID in mass spectrometry is one of the cornerstones of a successful analysis. With Tofware you can come armed with a powerful set of functions and visualization tools that not only expedite the process but help assess the level of confidence in your identification of unknown peaks.

Fed up of having no control over which knobs you get to tweak when quantifying your analytes? Push-button quantification is great, and Tofware certainly offers it, but we go much further than that, giving you full control of parameters such as the calibration, baseline subtraction, fitting constraints, convergence limits and more. Alternatively, just go straight at it in auto-mode and let Tofware do all the work for you. The beauty is, you get to decide. Flexibility is the keyword in Tofware. In any case, the software performs a full error analysis of your peak intensities to help you assess the confidence in your results. Choose to get your hands dirty and tweak the wrong knob that little bit too far, and Tofware is going to raise the red flag right away!

Tofware isn’t some black-box program spitting out numbers without offering you any sense of what’s going on under-the-hood. Tofware is developed and tested by scientists and its algorithms published in collaborations with our users:

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