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Join TOFWERK at 7RAQM 2024

TOFWERK is excited to participate alongside our partner, Aerodyne Research, in this year’s 7th International Workshop on Regional Air Quality Management in Rapidly Developing Economic Regions (7RAQM) from May 29 – 31 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Guangzhou, China.

Aerodyne Research (Billerica, USA) is a recognized leader in online analysis of atmospheric gases and aerosols. Their research staff and extensive network of customers address pressing questions related to climate change and air quality – in the laboratory, in the field, and onboard mobile research platforms.

TOFWERK has supplied time-of-flight (TOF) hardware and software to Aerodyne for more than a decade, beginning with the Aerodyne ToF Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS), which couples Aerodyne’s aerosol sampling and sizing technology with a TOF mass analyzer. The ToF-AMS has become a standard component on all major atmospheric research campaigns, and ToF-AMS data has been included in close to 1000 publications. Aerodyne’s atmospheric product line now includes versions of the IMS-TOF, API-TOF, Vocus CI-TOF, and EI-TOF that have been adapted and expanded to meet unique demands of atmospheric science.

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TOFWERK 7RAQM 2024 Activities

7RAQM Booth

We welcome you to the joint TOFWERK–Aerodyne booth (#1) to learn more about air quality monitoring (AQM) and atmospheric science and their diverse applications. Be sure to attend our presentations listed below, where our experts will delve into the intricacies of AQM and showcase the various applications of our solutions.

Halls A-C

Main Entrance Gate 2


May 31, 2024
10:50-11:10 am
Session 1-4
Venue: Lecture Hall C
Talk: Characterization of VOCs, OVOCs, aerosols and greenhouse gases, Dr. Douglas Worsnop, Aerodyne

May 31, 2024
12:00-12:15 pm
Session 2-1
Venue: Lecture Hall C, E1-101
Talk: Fast polarity and reagent ion switching mass spectrometry for atmospheric measurements, Dr. Liang Zhu, TOFWERK

Highlighted Products at 7RAQM

Bring the lab anywhere. Vocus chemical ionization mass spectrometers (Vocus CI-TOF) deliver sub-ppt limits of detection for real-time measurement of VOCs and VICs, optimized for use in laboratories, industrial sites, and mobile applications.  Available with two interchangeable chemical ionization reactors – The Vocus PTR and Vocus Aim.  Each reactor targets different classes of compounds, enabling customizable system configuration to address varied and evolving requirements.   

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