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Join TOFWERK at ASMS 2023

ASMS 2023

June 4-8, 2023

The 71st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics will take place in Houston, Texas. Organized by the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), this annual conference promotes and disseminates knowledge of mass spectrometry and allied topics, including advanced techniques and instrumentation in mass spectrometry, as well as fundamental research in chemistry, geology, forensics, biological sciences and physics.

TOFWERK is excited to be back at ASMS this year with an exhibition booth and a wide variety of technology and application focused presentations. Come visit us at booth 626 to see our TOF mass spectrometers in action!

TOFWERK ASMS 2023 Activities

June 4-8, George Brown Convention Center
We welcome you to booth 626 to discuss recent TOFMS instrument developments and applications with a focus on mobile, real-time mass spectrometry. Meet our mobile Vocus Elf mass spectrometer and see how TOFWERK is rethinking high performance mass spectrometry.

TOFWERK Presentations
Tuesday, June 6
Talk: The newly designed “Aim” soft chemical ionization reactor for direct, real-time measurement of inorganic acids, organics, and PFAS in air, Dr. Abigail Koss

Poster: Real-time monitoring of dynamic isomer populations with CI-SLIM IMS-MS,
Dr. Joel Kimmel

Poster: Process monitoring and control using a time-of-flight mass spectrometer in both electron ionization and ion energy spectrometer configurations, Dr. Steffen Bräkling

Wednesday, June 7
Poster: Method for non-destructively screening wine cork stoppers for 2,4,6-trichloroanisole below the perception threshold at a sampling speed of 2 seconds (VCA), Dr. Michael Grössl

Thursday, June 8
Talk: Improved target, suspect- and non-target analysis of environmental contaminants using a GC-EI&CI-TOF-MS system, Dr. Marleen Vetter

Poster: fibTOF: Sensitive imaging of light elements at nanometer resolution, Dr. Michael Grössl

Poster: Extremely sensitive, real-time detection of PFAS in the gas phase, Dr. Abigail Koss

Poster: Mpx/hr LA-ICP-TOFMS mapping and data evaluation, Dr. Steffen Bräkling

Bruker Partner ASMS 2023 Activities

Bruker Applied Mass Spectrometry Booth #826
Stop by our partner’s booth to learn more about chromatography-free mass spectrometry.

TOFWERK Partner Booth at Bruker eXceed Symposia
June 4, Marriott Marquis, Houston Ballrooms
Meet us at our partner table where we will highlight the TOFWERK/Bruker partnership with the ecTOF, a dual ionization TOF mass spectrometer for multidimensional analysis for target, suspect, and non-target applications.

Bruker Hospitality Suite
June 5-7, Hilton Americas
Join us at our strategic partner’s hospitality suite. We will be showcasing mobile, point-of-need mass spectrometry for a variety of applications.

ASMS 2023 Material Resources

Application Markets and Related Products

Air Quality Monitoring

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Food, Flavor, and Fragrance

Material Emissions

Non-Target Analysis

Laser Ablation Imaging

Single Particle and Single-Cell Analysis